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Hacking “The Perfect Beaker”


I love my “The Perfect Beaker“, its great for measuring items in the kitchen.  I just get annoyed every time  I take it out of the dishwasher because the bottom is also a small beaker that collects water as well as other “goodies” while in the dishwasher.  I have to empty the gunk out and re-wash the bottom.  Today was the last time.  I took it out in the garage and drilled four tiny holes all around the bottom, so any water that ends up in there can drain out.


Hopefully the next time I reach into the dishwasher to take out my “The Perfect Beaker” the bottom will be empty and dry.


Here is a simulation I ran by putting it in the sink and running water into it.  Not the best video quality, but basically the water fills up the bottom, and quickly drains out the small holes, till almost everything is drained:

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